We are currently developing MechWarrior Online, the 5th title in the popular Battletech franchise. MechWarrior Online is a Premium Free-2-Play title that utilizes the BattleTech Universe to deliver a BattleMech combat simulator with a heavy emphasis on tactical strategies. By placing the player in a first person view of a BattleMech pilot, MechWarrior Online provides a whole new level of immersion into the game space.

Adhering to the key design pillars of Mech Warfare, Information Warfare, Role Warfare and Community Warfare, MechWarrior Online adds several new layers of gameplay and tactical team planning to the franchise. This, along with the massive amount of customization available to the player base, allows Piranha Games Inc. to not only return the MechWarrior IP to the forefront of gaming, but to do so with a level of depth and ever expanding content that was previously never possible.

Starting as a project of passion for the MechWarrior franchise, Russ Bullock (President) and Bryan Ekman (Creative Director) of Piranha Games Inc. began a serious investigation into the IP's availability for licensing. Working with Jordan Weisman of then, Smith & Tinker, (and one of the original creators of the BattleTech Universe) Piranha Games Inc. was able to secure the PC and console license.

In mid-2009, Piranha Games Inc. released a trailer for MechWarrior targeted for a PC/console release. This trailer generated a huge amount of buzz in not only the gaming community but the game industry as well. Even though the trailer generated this much interest in the title, finding a publisher proved to be problematic due to licensing constraints from the IP owner. While disheartening, this allowed Piranha Games Inc. to explore the notion of bringing the title to the relatively new and successful Free-2-Play business model.

Today MechWarrior Online is a very successful, online multiplayer title, with a large, dedicated following and is headed into future with more features and content being delivered every month.



One of the industry's oldest independent developers, Piranha Games is fast becoming a much bigger fish in the Free-to-Play game marketplace. We are alive and thriving in the pond because we're strong on talent, management, and the alliances we have made with industry leaders. Our core competencies lay in Excellence through Passion, Creativity, and Humility.

Founded in 2000, we started out as an independent developer with extensive multi-platform and multiplayer experience, making FPS action games for big-name franchises. With AAA licensed titles such as Need for Speed: Undercover and Duke Nukem Forever, we took a shift in direction towards the growing Free-to-Play market with MechWarrior Online. We have a strong vision and dedication to the product we make. And our talented team contributed as the key component to our success. Looking ahead, we are committed as ever to be one of the best Free-to-Play Development Studios in the world.


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Russ has served as the President of Piranha Games Inc. for the past thirteen years. Under his guidance Piranha Games has become one of the oldest independent game developers in the world. Most recently, Russ was able to license the extremely popular 'MechWarrior' IP to allow the development of 'MechWarrior Online at PGI.

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As Creative Director, Bryan provides the design and artistic vision for all of Piranha Games's productions. His passion for game design and development is reflected in Piranha's hit product, MechWarrior Online. Throughout his career spanning 15 years, Bryan has always strived to be a leader, challenging industry standards and breaking away from traditional mind sets.

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Serving as Piranha Games's Chief Operating Officer Chris' core responsibilities include corporate profitability and growth, recruitment, employee development and studio strategic management. Chris' greatest strength is his ability to connect with people. He is a self-motivator with strong negotiation, problem solving and creative skills.



At Piranha, we are devoted to bring in the best talent to be part of our team. We are passionate in game, diverse in background, and fun in personality. In order to hire the best, we look further than just your qualifications. It is also the positive attitude and desire to make great games that allow for a fit with our team.


Despite the rapid growth over the past few years, we maintain to be a boutique studio at a unique location. At Piranha, you are not just an individual — you are part of the family. Our fierce name symbolizes our commitment to our games. But our people are what make us strong. There is a genuine sense of support, collaboration, and respect toward each other. We are proud of who we are, and also of our products.


Located on the West Coast of Canada, Vancouver has consistently been regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Aside from being the proud Olympic City for the 2010 Winter Games, you can find diversity in just about everything here. Summer is at its best with an easy stroll along the Seawall, followed by an ethnic dinner somewhere nearby. In the winter time, people get to enjoy the world-class ski resorts within an hour drive from downtown. All of these and so much more this lively city can offer.


We have a great team of people who know to work hard and play hard. Conveniently located at Gastown, we are just steps away from public transit (Stadium Skytrain Station), a variety of restaurants, shopping, and entertainment events venues.

To encourage communication and collaboration amongst our talents, we have a truly open floor concept that encourages people to think outside the box, literally. Around the kitchen area, you will find a variety of fresh fruit, bagels, veggies, snacks, and beverages — all complimentary to our staff. Aside from various social events, we also have a dedicated game hour every day as an informal way of team building.


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